Costas Lamproulis is a Greek writer and director, with long experience in intercultural and interdisciplinary creations. He started writing at the age of 12 and he never stopped since then. He studied economics, creative writing and film direction in Brussels-Belgium where he lived for 10 years.  His work as a writer includes two featured film scripts (“Games in Eden” by S. Belessi and “Three Moments” by P. Sevastikoglou), several plays and musicals (“The Rubbish’s Rubsody” performed for three consecutive years in Athens, “What a Nice Sex!” that was touring for two years in Greece and Cyprus, “Truth”, “One Penny Musical” and more) as well as translations and adaptations (David Mamet, William Shakespeare etc). He has directed four short movies and thirty three performances (theatre, music theatre, operas etc) in Greece, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Hungary and The Netherlands, including: “Carmen” (Greek Music and Theatre Critics Association award, 2010), “Romeo and Juliet”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “La Traviata”, “The Magic Flute”, “Paramyfiko”, “Verflüchtigung”, “The Marriage of Figaro”, “L”, “Dogville”, “Gravity and other attractions” and more. He conceived and artistically led large-scale European cooperation projects and co-productions such as “EUtropia”, “Un-Label” (2nd “Inclusion Award”, German Gold-Kraemer-Foundation, “Power of The Arts” award) and “ImPArt”. He is a methodology developer in education, prevention and social inclusion through the arts and he is permanently giving drama and creative writing workshops. Since 2001, he is founding member and Artistic Director of SMouTh (Synergy of Music Theatre), a leading artistic association based in Larissa, Greece, organising stage productions, festivals, European co-operations and workshops.